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Ellie Lagrandeur

Ellie is a self taught native artist of Ojibwe descent. Great grand daughter to Chief Louis Espaneil of the Sagamok Anishnabek First nation. Born and raised in Bolands Bay in Northern Ontario, Much of her childhood was spent drawing and painting. She unknowingly honed the artistic talent she was born with.

ellie bisonpainting.jpg

Her professional career as an artist began in 1986 painting large scale wall murals and canvas art. Represented in galleries throughout Ontario and Alberta with private collectors worldwide. She now resides near Elk Island Park, Alberta, alongside a wildlife reserve and the natural surroundings she loves. A creative place of solitude and beauty where this artist can truly paint from the soul.

Artist Statement:

I like to use the artistic license whenever I can. Often I can visualize a different element to add to the painting, visible only in my mind’s eye. Once I get an idea for a painting, I can’t get it out of my mind until it’s on canvas, like there’s a lesson in it for me. On occasion, I have gone back to a piece to add something or change the mood completely. When painting scenery, I play- up the lighting and perspective; to me it’s all about the mood. 

I love to paint wildlife; they seem to take on a personality, making it familiar to me, like I’ve known them. It’s interesting when there is a connection made between the art and the viewer. In a sense you relate to the artist themselves. Not surprising; as I know there is much emotion and personal experience that goes into painting.


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