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There is nowhere in Edmonton that can do critical edge museum grade canvas stretching as well as RR Gallery

RR Gallery and Fine Art Printing can stretch your canvas in several different ways to suit your needs, depending whether or not you will be framing the canvas.

Gallery wrap edmonton

Critical edge gallery wrap stretching. No outside frame required.

Canvas stretching edmonton

Come in and bring your unstretched canvases and let us show you what we can do. There are several options available and we can advise you on what would be the best for your artwork.

Regular canvas stretching. Frame required.

Are you wondering how large we can stretch and frame your canvas print or original? Here is a huge 4x6 foot canvas that was brought to us rolled up and we proceeded to stretch it and framed it with a beautiful and modern wood moulding. 

We have many custom framing options that you can choose from to suit your decor and painting.

Edmonton custon picture framing

We can also do large orders as well. Here is a stack of 50 framed and stretched canvases that we did for a local artist who did over 500 of them. No job is too big for us here at RR Gallery. We can do the full service job from the scanning to the framing and printing. One stop shopping.

large quantity stretching and framing edmonton
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