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RR Gallery and Fine Art Printing specialises in large format mounting and laminating.

We have a massive mounting and laminating machine that can handle posters and maps that other places just cannot handle.

With over fifteen years of mounting and laminating experience, we will make sure that your posters, artwork or maps will receive the care and finishing that will make them look their best.

When it comes to protecting and presenting your posters and artwork, you want the best people and equipment to ensure the job is done right. We can do lamination up to 58 inches wide (any length) and dry mounting up to 48 x 96 inches.

Edmonton lamination
foam core mounting edmonton
How big can we laminate_ This poster is

We can do gloss or matte finishes on the laminating and also provide uv laminates for mounted artwork as well.

Listed below are just some of the finishing services we provide:

RR Gallery uses 3 mil lamination on all of our double sided lamination jobs, which is a much more durable and attractive finish than the standard 1.5 mil laminate. This means that your poster, map, or blueprint will look and feel much better and last longer. We leave an edge seal, making the poster resistant to spills and edge peeling that occurs all too often with the thinner laminates. The laminated poster can also be rolled and transported easily. We can also print the poster for you, just send us the file and pick up the laminated poster ready to go.

What are the advantages to laminating a poster or map?For a small amount of money for most sizes you can increase the poster's life span by preventing tearing, creasing, and water damage.

laminating oversize edmonton laminate maps

These 54x44" oversized maps were no problem for our giant laminator. We can laminate matte or gloss. Maps are our specialty but we also laminate posters as well.

You can also wipe the surface of the poster with a damp cloth to clean off accumulating dust. A laminated poster will be protected from any humidity in the air. A glossy finish will also make the colours of the poster really jump and increase the vibrancy of the poster.

Laminated poster printed and laminated at RR Gallery showing the edge seal. Laminating makes the poster extremely durable and attractive. 
Available in gloss or matte finishes.

Foam core mounting is an extremely versatile and inexpensive way to mount your photographs, maps or posters and allows for multiple finishing options. If it is a poster for a limited use like a trade show or special event like a wedding party seating chart, then you may just want to mount the poster without a frame or laminate.

We also do a great deal of laminating for schools that rely on us for oversize laminating. Most schools only have smaller laminators that cannot do anything over 20 inches. We can laminate much larger posters and have a much lower price on oversize laminating that anyone in Edmonton. If you are working for a school and need a reliable and economical option for larger laminating, give us a call and ask about our school laminating pricing.

Plaque Mounting

If you are looking for a simple, yet long 
term solution to display your

poster, plaque mounting may be

just what you need. Plaque
mounts are mounted directly

onto a solid mdf board and then

laminated and finished with a

bevel edge. You can choose

the edge colour and there are

several different finishes.  There

are channels on the back of the plaque 
mount so that they can be displayed flush to 
the wall. A very popular option since it is less
than half the price of custom framing and will
protect the poster or map for years to come.


We also print custom posters that you can mount
just send us the pdf, jpeg, or tiff file and we can create 
a custom project for you.

Our most popular laminate for photo laminating 
after a photograph has been cold mounted is called

matte lamination.

One advantage to laminating

this way, is that
you can frame directly

around the mounted and
laminated picture without

needing mats or glass.
This makes the finished

framed piece substantially 
lighter. If you want a shiny

finish, we have a traditional gloss

laminate as well, but we have found 
that once people see the

matte laminate finish, that
is the overwhelming favourite.


RR Gallery and Fine Art Printing is the only gallery in Central Edmonton that can do laminating, mounting, printing, custom framing and poster printing all under one roof.

However, if you want to preserve it for longer term use, then framing or laminating is recommended. If you just want to mount without a frame, plaque mounting is another option. Plaque mounting will be discussed furthur down the page.
We have many years of experience in mounting and can mount up to 48x96 inches. We can mount on either 3/16 inch or 3/8 inch foam core. We also print posters and photographs, so you can do one stop shopping by sending the file to us for the full project.

Cold mounting also has the advantage of being lower risk than regular hot mounting that many others do with the press. Some digital photo papers are very sensitive to heat and can bubble or shift colour when exposed to several minutes of high heat. 

Come and see for yourself why many professional photographers and artists come to us for their finishing needs.

10011-116 street Edmonton (780)757-3463

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