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Jersey Framing 
Richard has over 20 years of experience custom framing sports jerseys and memorabilia. He has framed many jerseys from famous players such as Gretzky, Messier, Sakic, Lafleur and others.
Jersey framing Edmonton Alberta
Jersey framing Alberta
The jerseys are all framed using archival materials and uv glass. There are hundreds of different options to choose from to ensure that your frame will match the jersey. Come in for a free quote and let us show you how good your jersey can look.

This was a group of jerseys that Richard custom framed for a single client. This client has been relying on Richard to custom frame his sports memorabilia for over a decade.

RR Gallery and Fine Art Printing is the only gallery in central Edmonton that does custom picture framing, laminating and cold mounting all under one roof.

Framing Edmonton


Our expertise in Jersey Framing was recently put to the test when a customer brought in a priceless signed jersey from Lance Armstrong. This was an actual Yellow Jersey that Lance wore during a Tour de France leg. The customer also had a signed picture that he also wanted to be framed with the jersey.

Instead of placing the picture inside the frame with the jersey, we cut a separate mat opening underneath. This allowed us to display both without obscuring any of the jersey.

We matched the colours of the jersey with the mats and then put a black wood frame around it. Of course, we can custom frame in the colour and molding of your choice. 

This option was more expensive than a basic hanger frame, but when you want to preserve that once in a lifetime experience, it is well worth properly preserving your memory.

jersey frames edmonton

 We not only have extensive experience framing hockey jerseys, but we have done jerseys from many other sports as well. Here is an Aussie Rules Football jersey that we did for a local club. Notice that we can also provide a plaque if it is a gift or special memento.  

And here is another jersey that we did for a customer who brought in a signed Usain Bolt jersey. Notice how we were able to make it look like one unified piece of art.

Come in and see what we can do for you.

Final update on the Bolt signed jersey.

We have done many signed Oilers jerseys as well and have had customers come in and do a series of them framed identically to hang in the home alongside their memorabilia collection. This option is quite affordable and was done using archival mats and uv glass.

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