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RR Gallery was founded by Richard and Robert nine years ago and has won the loyalty of many artists and individual customers for the excellent quality of their custom framing, printing, and laminating services. They both have decades of experience so they can help guide you to find the right solution for your art and photography needs. Give us a call or email and see what we can do for you.

Locally owned and operated by master framer Richard Lajczak and digital printing expert Robert Thomas, RR Gallery  is one of Edmonton’s only full-service framing and printing gallery.

Richard and Robert are all about serving their local community and transforming artwork and photos into archival masterpieces. Our goal and passion is to provide every customer who walks through the door with the best possible quality and service at an affordable price, and to have that work promptly completed. 

 We know that our strength lies in keeping close contact and maintaining lasting relationships with Edmonton artists and clients.

After many years working together, Richard and Robert decided to combine their knowledge and expertise by going into business for themselves. Richard's decades of experience as a master framer and gallery owner perfectly complement Robert's digital world of fine art printing, and they're proud to offer both services to their customers.

We both love what we do and we had our own ideas of how we could better serve Edmonton as a team.

Deciding to focus their talents on museum-quality framing and printing.

The duo opened the doors of RR Gallery  in 2011, and have since won the loyalty of many successful local artists who rely on their unique abilities.

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