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Custom Picture Framing

With over 20 years of experience, RR Gallery is the finest frame shop in Edmonton. Coming to us will ensure that your canvas, poster or print will be framed using only the finest quality archival materials and glass with a wide selection of beautiful high end mouldings.  We can also frame your limited editions, posters, medals, jerseys, certificates, and diplomas and many other things. We are second to none when it comes to canvas stretching and framing. Bring in your art and let us show you what is possible and how good it can look.


Beautifully framed metallic paper print

We are Edmonton's finest custom picture framing shop.
Custom picture framing is a central focus of the business here at RR Gallery and we pride ourselves on providing the best advice and service anywhere in Edmonton.


Our philosophy is that a custom picture frame should accentuate the artwork both in colour and theme so that it looks as if the artist or photographer made the frame along with the picture. 

Here are some of the elements we offer that go into creating an archival frame job suitable for the finest art pieces, photographs and limited editions:

                       Acid- Free Archival Mat boards

Conservation & Museum

Matboards. At RR Gallery,

we have a wide range

of colours of matboards to help

enhance and protect your art

and photographs.

The function of the matboard is to keep the artwork from touching the glass and to enhance the picture. Photographic paper can stick to the glass if it is in direct contact, which causes the ink from sticking to the glass. When framing
pictures we only use acid free mat boards. The lack of acid in the boards keeps them from damaging the print over time. The mat boards also keep their colour and the bevels do not turn yellow.

The mat boards come in various thicknesses and textures. 

In choosing colours we try to bring out the colours in the artwork. Often we will use a double or even triple mat. The top mat will be designed to bring out the background and the bottom mat will bring out the accent colours.


Custom Picture Frame Moulding

RR Gallery has an extensive selection

of custom picture frame mouldings.

This is important, because it helps

ensure that we will find the picture

frame that will match both the theme

and colour of your print as well as the 

decor of your home or office.

Whether you are looking for a simple metal or black wood frame or a luxurious imported Italian moulding, we will have the custom picture frame that meets your needs.

We also have frames that would be appropriate for all sizes of artwork ranging from large pieces to small photographs.

We carry all the established high end frames by makers like Roma, Larson-Juhl, Vestate, Folkgraphis, House of Frames among others.

Acid free mat boards Edmonton
Custom picture framing edmonton

UV Picture Frame Glass

RR Gallery has several kinds

of glass that we offer our customers

to make sure that your custom

picture frame looks its best. Below

are several of the options

that we carry. 

Conservation Clear Glass
Our standard framing glass that offers 99 percent uv protection. It has the same glare as regular non-uv glass, but will help keep your precious picture from fading over time.

Conservation Reflection Control Glass
Similar to the conservation clear in terms of uv protection, this glass also has a filter that helps prevent glare. It does however, dim bright coloured prints, so should only be used for pastels or browns that do not have vibrant colours.

Custom picture framing edmonton uv glass options
Custom framing edmonton museum glass


Museum Glass

This glass is the ultimate in both uv protection and clarity. Come in and see what a difference this glass makes, especially for shadowboxes. This is the glass to use if you have that precious photo or art piece that you want to last a lifetime.

A fillet is a smaller joined piece of moulding which fits either inside a large moulding or, more commonly, underneath the glass to provide a decorative accent with the matting. We have a wide selection of fillets, and many of them can match the outside picture frame. This adds a beautiful extra dimension to the art piece that is being custom framed. 

custom frame edmonton

Backing, Mounting and Barrier Paper For Your Custom Picture Frame.

At RR Gallery, we ensure that your custom picture frame will be properly mounted and protected with acid free foam core, barrier paper and we can do museum grade needlework stretching. We also specialise in Jersey framing and have experience in framing hundreds of different jerseys.

picture and poster mounting edmonton
Usain Bolt signed jersey custom frame
jersey frame edmonton

We also do plenty of canvas framing as well. This is a 48x72" that we framed with a brown modern wood frame. This type of framing does not need glass, as the canvas is stretched around a stretcher bar and then the wood frame is affixed to that. A classic look.

picture framing edmonton
picture framing edmonton

Another way to go is to mount and laminate without glass. These black and whites have been laminated and mounted on foam core and then the frame has been placed around the image without any glass.

This is very light and an understated look for your posters or photos.

Custom picture framing is certainly more expensive than a ready made option, but the difference is night and day. We can pick a frame that will not only complement the colour of your artwork, we can also make it match the texture and theme of the piece as well. 

If you take a look at this painting brought in by a client who had purchased it from a local artist, you can see that a proper framing job will make all the difference.  A professional frame job should not distract from the art and indeed blend as seamlessly as possible with the piece.

picture framing edmonton
custom frame edmonton
custom picture frames edmonton
custom picture frames edmonton alberta

Sometimes custom picture framing can be an intimating process for some, especially if it their first time doing a custom picture frame.  We do our very best to make the process easy and enjoyable, we can certainly help guide you through picking the right frame and mat option.   The huge range of matting, moulding and glass options can sometime seem overwhelming, but our years of experience will help you pick the right options that will suit your picture, decor and find something that will match your budget. Whether it is an elaborate gold leaf frame or a simple black wood or metal frame, we will have something that will suit your needs.

We will help you match the picture frame to suit your picture as well as the decor of your home. If you have a modern or rustic decor will affect the frame option that you choose.

We can also show you options that you have never thought to consider. So come on in and we can show you the options that you never thought possible for a custom picture frame.

large scale framing edmonton wholesale
Here is a large order of fifty printed, stretched and framed canvases that we did for one artist. This is only part of what we can do. The artist only has to bring in their original and we can handle the rest.

We also do large scale wholesale framing as well, for artists or resellers who are looking for large quantity orders at a wholesale price. We do the full process, from scanning your original art, to printing the reproductions on archival canvas, to the stretching and framing in the moulding of your choice.

You decide how much or little you want us to do for you.

This is convenient one stop shopping to get everything done in one place.

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