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Have a giant poster and need it laminated?

Look no further than RR Gallery. We are Edmonton's premier laminating shop. Our giant laminating machine can handle posters that most places cannot. Check out these monster sized maps that were easily handled by our machine.

Lamination Edmonton

We can also handle large format mounting, plaque mounting and framing as well for even these large ones.

Come in and see what we can do for you, the options are many and the price is reasonable.

What are the advantages of lamination?

The price to laminate a map or poster is worth it when you consider the fact that most posters and maps are not printed on very durable paper. Most posters and maps on the market today tend to scuff and rip easily. Any fingerprint and stain on these posters are permanent. With laminating, not only is the poster protected, but any fingerprint or water can easily be wiped off with a moist cloth without damaging the poster underneath. The 3 mil laminate that we use is also extremely durable and seals the poster inside with a sealed border. If you want the poster or map to last a while, this is definitely worth it.

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