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Looking for the perfect gift? Why not something completely custom?

Ok, if you are like me you hate hearing about gift ideas this early, but we always get the early birds who get their gift ideas sorted by November so this is for you.

Instead of buying them something off the shelf, why not make your gift this year totally personal?

Did you take that special trip to Europe this summer and you have a great picture that you took while there? Why not do a framed and printed picture of the photo to hang as a memento forever? You can also do the canvas gallery wrap option as well.

We can also repair old photos and

reproduce and digitally repair them. If you have that old photo of your grandparents you would like to share with family, we can do that for you. We have done many of these for people to give out as gifts and they are always thrilled with the result.

Come in and see what you can do, the options are limitless and we can make something that is completely unique and special for you.

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